Law Firms

With the ever changing landscape of technology and the law, MooIT is ready to grow with your firm.

Our guard is always up, so your systems won’t go down. Moo Managed IT Solutions acts as round-the-clock IT staff for your business. If you’ve got in-house IT staff already in place, we can support your team during holidays, vacations or particularly busy cycles. Our uniquely efficient business model ensures you get the level of protection you need—without busting your budget.

From our integrated web dashboard, we remotely track, monitor and maintain all system components, provide live remote assistance, and secure, predict and repair issues efficiently. Whether your computers are at a single location, spread out at hundreds of locations around the world or situated on mobile devices, MOO IT Solutions managed service platform provides your entire infrastructure and staff with real time support—improving productivity, preventing malware and rendering instant access to repair problems.

Moo IT Law Firm Systems Checklist:
  • Secure file services
  • Secure E-Mail Hosting
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery
  • Spam/Phishing Protection
  • VOIP Phone Systems
  • Virtual Meeting Services